Customer Visit Report

Every Resource or Engineer can view all the calls that have been assigned to them when they login with their C-Venture ID.

Fig :- Complaint View

Engineers or Resources can view the Complaint with their Login ID. The Engineer has to view the assigned Complaint and has to acknowledge the same to confirm that he has read and understood the complaint. The Acknowledgement is given by clicking on Thumb image button.

Fig :- Thumb Icon

The Engineer or resource can access or fill in information in the “Engineer Vist” Section. Access will not be available if the acknowledgement is not given by the Engineer by clicking the Thumbs image.

Fig :- Engineer Visit Details

When the Engineer or resource has completed the task or the customer call then the assigned Engineer or resource can change the status in the “Engineer Visit” section and Close the call or then keep the status as Pending and Submit this section.

If there is a hardware issue due to which a faulty spare has to be got back then the Engineer Visit section has to have the call status as pending and the Brought New Material should be selected .

Fig :- Brought New Material

On selecting the Brought New Material button following window will be displayed.

Fig :- Repair Material